Meet the Country Noosa Management Committee

The Management Committee continues to work extremely hard, creating awareness, networking with other community groups, running workshops for members and recruiting new members. All sectors are well represented on the Committee, covering a spectrum of interests from paddock to plate and retail.

If you are interested in joining the Committee, please Contact Us.

2018 Annual Report

Martin Duncan is president of Country Noosa & runs 'Sunshine Coast Foodie’ with a passion for social media and events. Martin is the Ambassador for the Food Agribusiness Network, He is also a chef, former restaurateur and connector of people.
Martin’s passion is “Sconetime” – a wonderful opportunity for older people, along with their carers, companions and family to establish a regular monthly social event where Seniors from the community and business come together over Scones!
In addition to being actively involved with FAN & Cooroy Chamber of Commerce, he works closely with Tourism Noosa, Mary Valley Country Harvest Cooperative and Gympie Gold Regional Produce. Annually, Martin assists the Ginger Flower & Food Festival, The Curated Plate and Noosa Eat and Drink Festival (formerly Noosa Food & Wine Festival).

Dick Barnes is Treasurer. He stays abreast of any grant opportunities as well as managing our tight budget constraints. The beef workshops he runs have been well received and the abatttoir continues to progress. He is a specialist in the farming peculiarities of the Hinterland. Having "retired" as CFO of one of the world's largest companies, Dick settled in Noosa, developed an interest in farming, and has a sustainable beef cattle operation in the Noosa Hinterland. 

Tracey Hinner is Assistant Treasurer and owns Noosa Black Coffee, boasting a plantation of 5,500 coffee trees in the lush green valley near Kin Kin.Tracey and her husband Peter's coffee blends have achieved many accolades including two bronze medals at the Royal Sydney Show. Her vast experience in business is of great value, having gone from book-keeping to growing coffee full time!

Zaia Kendall is Secretary and together with husband Tom, operates Kendall Permaculture Farm at Kin Kin which produces vegetables from their Syntropic Market Gardens. They also operate not for profit PermEco Inc. offering workshops in permaculture and sustainable practices, music, and other community building and aid activities.

Brett Johns works with Dick. He specialises in beef and other meats in agriculture from paddock to plate and owns Cooroy Grass Fed Meats. Brett is grass roots, a local farmer of small crops and beef cattle. Brett markets his beef as naturally raised yearling cattle, reared on remineralised pasture and finished on fresh barley sprouts.

Tom Kendall has expertise in permaculture, horticulture, and agriculture. He owns Kendall Permaculture Farm at Kin Kin, teaching workshops and other learning activities in permaculture and sustainability. He has more than 40 years farming experience and a broad acre agriculture background. Tom has an amazing ability to read hydration and fertility issues on large scale as well as smaller scale landscapes.

Brett Watkins operates YUNDA Stead (a rural homestead in Federal) supporting ProEco (an ecological education charity he co-founded) to provide visitors insights and skills in sustainable homesteading, resourceful building, and environmentalism. Brett has grown up on the land, is an Environmental & Marine engineer, conservationist, builder, and technologist.

Andy Coates comes from a family with a long history of beekeeping and meadmaking. After a successful career as an Aircraft Engineer Andy has followed his passion for all things MEAD and moved to beautiful Pomona in the Noosa Hinterland and created Amrita Park Meadery with his partner Nicola. Andy has honed his skill as a meadmaker over the years with the watchfull eye and plenty of advice from his grandfather Dennis “Poppo” Coates, who loved to visit the Meadery right up until he passed away in June 2019. As a strong advocate for Mead and a firm believer in educating the masses to the benefits of MEAD, Andy is looking forward to the challenges of growing Australia’s fledgling MEAD industry in conjunction with all MEAD makers, both amateur and professional.