Concept Papers - COMING SOON!

Pest and weed control
Collaboration and networks
History of agriculture

Carbon farming
Eco-tourism, recreation and farm-based tourism
Mixed farming and holistic management
Small scale agriculture and niche produce
Sustainable grazing

The Concept Papers will be available shortly on this website.

As part of the Noosa Rural Enterprise Plan, Concept Papers are being developed by Country Noosa with the aim of informing existing or potential new landowners of a range of environmentally and economically sustainable farming and other rural enterprise opportunities.

Following several workshops over 2019, areas of interest were investigated and research culminated in a series of nine Concept Papers jointly written by local, topical experts. The papers provide more information, collate available resources and in some cases, act as ‘how-to’ instructions for sustainable rural enterprise in the Noosa region.

Carbon farming

Carbon farming is the process of managing soil, water, vegetation and animals to increase carbon sequestration (carbon storage and capture) and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It can help to develop practices that are designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

These are some agricultural practices that can help enhance carbon sequestration:

  • Maximum groundcover (reduce bare soil)
  • No crop tilling
  • Cover cropping
  • Natural fertilisers and green manure
  • Mulching and composting
    Soil stimulants and inoculants (probiotics)
  • Biodynamics
  • Permaculture
  • Water spreading

This paper provides an overview of Carbon farming practices and the current status of Federal and State Government policies within Australia. It also informs of local programs that can assist landowners with environmental management.

Mixed farming and holistic management

Holistic management is a value-based, decision-making framework that helps farmers, food producers or landowners and the community move towards a future that is financially, ecologically and socially sound.

The Concept Paper provides an overview of the history of holistic management, what has worked and new opportunities in this space. The key benefits of applying holistic management to agriculture are listed together with links to training and general information.

Small scale agriculture and niche produce

The Sunshine Coast region has a diverse agricultural sector. In 2016-17, the gross value for agricultural production on the Sunshine Coast was $218 million and was two per cent of the total gross value for agricultural production in Queensland.

The Noosa Shire Hinterland has a sub-tropical climate with rainforest soils of poor quality, low in phosphate and organic matter.